DreamzVR 2.0 Standard + Kontroler


Goggles especially recommended for people with no experience with the VR goggles.

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Goggles especially recommended for people with no experience with the VR goggles.


We offer image quality comparable to, and often exceeding, much more expensive counterparts prepared by well-known brands. The effect achieved through high quality lenses and perfectly matched dystansom between the eye, optics, and telephone.

As the only manufacturer of this type of devices, we offer complete kit for the players. With the goggles you get access to the RiftCat software that will allow you to experience VR games designed specifically for VR and HTC Vive. Minecraft, Project Cars, War Thunder? Immerse yourself in the virtual reality and feel the quality of 3D games! The software also attach precise manual, so you can count on easy start kit.


The soft sponge, 3 headstraps and low weight are basic advantages of DreamzVR. We also took care of extremely easy mechanism for mounting the phone, which greatly facilitates the use of VR. Other goggles have lockable flaps or persistent rubber, which make it difficult to switch applications or make phone overheats.

A clicker is a reliable mechanism to control applications. Competing products often do not offer this solution, despite the fact that it is crucial to move freely in the VR. Our kit also includes a functional bluetooth controller with which you can wirelessly control in some VR games and applications. The combination of a clicker and controller are complementary and determines the best form of communication with the VR.

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Waga 400 g
Wymiary 85 x 150 x 85 mm


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